Top 10 Best Orbital Sander: Our Top Picks and Review 2018

Do you have a big sanding project on your list and want to find the best orbital sander to get the job done?

Maybe you have a deck to sand, some paint to remove, or some furniture to refinish and you want to make sure you are getting a sander that is going to help you make your project look good.

Today, we are going to give you our orbital sander reviews that are not only going to help you find the best sander but the right one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Orbital Sander

Before we get started we want to give you a few factors to consider so that you’ll be able to find the best random orbital sander for the task at hand.

Variable Speed Setting - Gives you the ability to choose how fast or how slow your sander goes. For more delicate or finishing pieces you will want to use a low speed while rougher pieces can be sanded at a high speed to make the job faster and easier.

Dust Collection Capability - As you are probably well aware, sanding is a messy, dusty, and dirty job so to reduce or eliminate most of the dust, a dust collection port is absolutely essential; otherwise, you and the area around you are going to be covered very quickly.

Comfort - You want the sander you are using to fit comfortably in your hands because it is something you are likely going to be using for an extended period of time. Holding a vibrating machine with grips that put your hands in an uncomfortable position can make for one painful job.

Now that we’ve covered a few of the most important features to look for, let’s take a look at the random orbital sander reviews that we’ve put together for you to show you not only what is the best orbital sander but the best one for your job.

Bosch 1250DEVS Random Orbit Sander

Every single Bosch orbital sander review we’ve read had one thing to say about this thing…Powerful.

Its 6.5 amp motor gives you plenty of power to do all of the heavy sanding you need and most people say it puts a belt sander to shame.

You will be able to do any type of job you need with the Bosch 1250DEVS thanks to the variable speed settings that allow you to operate at a slower speed when you have lighter sanding jobs to do and at turbo mode, which is 5 times normal speed, for those heavy sanding jobs you are tackling.

This thing has plenty of torque so you are going to need to have a little muscle to operate it, especially in turbo mode. It features a soft-start for reduced torque during start up and its low vibration design ensures you will remain in full control and avoid messing up your woodwork.

The dust collection port will collect almost every single speck of dust so you won’t have to worry about you or your work area being covered in dust and having to stop to clean it up. All you’ll need is a shop vac and hose attachments. It comes with the dust collection tube to attach to the sander.

You will be able to use any compatible 6 hole, 6-inch sanding disk and Bosch even makes specialty disks that are perfect for wood, paint, and special applications so you have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to sand whatever you want without scratching the surface of your project.

The Bosch 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander will stand up against any job you have, so no matter whether you are sanding wood floors or you are finishing furniture, you’ll love the job the 1250DEVS does for you.

This 6-inch, 5.3 lb. orbital sander is backed by a 1-year unconditional warranty so you have the comfort of knowing that Bosch stands behind their tools wholeheartedly.

Festool 567863 RTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander

Do you have an overhead job that requires a more lightweight sander?

This wouldn’t be the best orbital sander review if we didn’t show you a Festool orbital sander that is perfect for overhead jobs such as sanding a ceiling or vertical jobs like sanding walls.

We love the Festool 567863 RTS 400 EQ because of its small one-handed design that makes it perfect for a wide range of jobs but is especially useful for finishing jobs.

The narrow, rectangle sanding pad makes this the perfect sander for hitting those narrow edges that get missed by a larger size orbital sander.

Its built-in Vibration Stop technology will give you the best finish possible by keeping the sander optimally balanced, so you can depend on the Festool RTS 400 to make your work look fantastic.

At only 2.4 lbs. with an ergonomic design that was built to fit comfortably in your hand, this sander is one you will be able to use for extended periods of time without taking breaks to stretch your hand and wrist.

The onboard dust collection system comes with a filter bag that will help you eliminate all of the dust as you are sanding, so you will be able to see what you are doing and you won’t have to worry about being covered in dust while you are doing it.

You simply can’t go wrong by trusting Festool to get all of your one-handed jobs done. With a 3-year limited warranty you’re covered.

DEWALT D26451K Corded 3 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Next up, we have the DeWalt D26451K that has great versatility but is best used as a finishing sander thanks to the Trademarked Controlled Finishing System that protects against gouge at startup.

Weighing only 3.4 lbs. this is the best orbital sander you can use for long periods of time, and its powerful motor will help you accomplish the task at hand very quickly while giving you the best results.

If you are someone who likes to put a smooth finish on your work pieces, then you are going to love the 3.0 amp motor with speeds up to 12,000 opm and with its random orbit motion and 3/32-inch orbit you will never have to worry about putting any swirls in your work.

You will be able to maintain full control over the DeWalt orbital sander with the made for comfort textured anti-slip grips and top. Cleanup will be a breeze with the attached dust collection tube and durable dust bag.

The dust-sealed switch and sealed ball bearing construction extend the life of your sander by keeping dust and debris away from critical parts, so you can look forward to using your sander for a long time before ever thinking about replacing it.

The DeWalt D26451K orbital sander accepts 8-hole, 5-inch hook and loop abrasive sand paper and features an easy sanding disk change system to allow you to change grit and keep working seamlessly.

To add to all of the powerful features that are packed into this orbital sander, you get 90-days to try it out with a money back guarantee, plus you get a 3-year limited warranty and 1-year free service. How are you going to beat that?

All of the ​5 inch random orbital sander reviews we’ve read about the DeWalt D26451K have very few complaints and many say it is the best orbital sander for the money so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

PORTER-CABLE 7346SP 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Do you have a boat or car that needs polished or maybe you have some cabinet doors or flooring to sand?

The Porter Cable random orbit sander is ideal for polishing projects but it is tough enough to handle all of your sanding needs as well.

With a 4.5 amp motor and an electronic variable speed dial that allows you to adjust your speed between 2500-6800 opm to tackle any job you need done.

Its two-position handle allows you to either get a left or right-handed grip which adds superior comfort and reduces fatigue on your hands, wrists, and arms so you can use it for an extended period of time.

You’ll never have to worry about getting swirls in your sanding or polishing work because the random orbit features was designed for giving you the best look possible.

You get a 6-inch sanding disk and polishing pad included and it accepts all of your 5/16 to 24 spindle thread accessories so you can get even more out of it.

Perhaps the best thing about this Porter Cable orbit sander is its ability to be a multi-purpose sander/polisher so you will be able to use to do anything from sanding wood floors to polishing your vehicles.

Plus, you are covered by a 3-year limited warranty that covers against faulty parts or workmanship and you get a maintenance-free 1-year service contract that covers maintenance from normal wear and tear.

If you are looking for the best orbital sander review for a multi-purpose sander/polisher then you simply can’t go wrong with the Porter Cable 7346SP 6-inch Random Orbit Sander.

Bosch OS50VC Variable Speed 1:2-Sheet Orbital

If you have some large surfaces to sand then you are going to really appreciate the Bosch OS50VC 1/2-sheet orbital finishing sander and all of the user-friendly features that are packed into it.

The powerful 3.4 amp motor allows maximum removal rate and maximum orbital sanding speed to help you get sanding jobs done fast and easy while maintaining a high quality of work.

You will also get smooth handling from the Bosch exclusive suspension system that minimizes vibration and superior comfort from the patent pending vibration control design.

The 1/2 sheet sanding sheets are easy to take off and install with an advanced clamping system and a hole punch pattern that allows for fast paper changes so you can focus on putting as much quality in your work as you want without slowing down your workflow.

This sander weights 6 lbs. so it does have a little bit of weight to it but that can be a good thing because you can allow the sander to do its job while removing the stress and strain from your body.

You’ll be able to use the variable speed dial to match up the speed of your sander with the speed of the project you are working on so you’ll always get optimal performance. The screw on dust collection canister with integrated paper filter collects nearly every speck of dust as you work so cleanup is virtually non-existent.

Are you ready to start tackling your projects with ease with the Bosch 1/2 sheet orbital finishing sander?

DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

Most people are starting to switch their tools out for DeWalt because of their ability to get the job done fast and easy.

The DeWalt DWE6423K is one of the most popular 5-inch random orbit sanders on the market and once you see all of the features that are packed into it you’ll know why.

For starters, the power-packed 3 amp motor allows the pad to spin between 8000-12000 RPM and you will be able get closer to the pieces you are sanding with a smarter, shorter design.

It uses 5-inch hook and loop sanding disks with an 8-hole design that works great together with the easy one-handed locking dust canister that eliminates all of the dust produced by this powerful sander.

You won’t believe how quickly and easily you are able to tackle all of the projects on your “honey-do” list, and you may even find yourself looking for things to sand just to give you an excuse to use the 5-inch DeWalt Orbital Sander.

Its intelligent design features rubber over the molds and in critical areas to reduce vibration and fatigue, so even if you have arthritis you will be able to get a comfortable grip on this sander and complete your projects with ease.

You will be able to sand wood, metal and plastic with ease. At a 4 lb. weight you will be able to use it for extended time periods without worrying about wearing yourself out.

DeWalt stands behind the quality of the DWE6423K variable speed random orbit sander with a 3-year limited warranty that you’ll probably never even have to use thanks to the durable construction. This sander was made to last.

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit

There’s no denying that Makita makes the best random orbital sander and is one of the highest rated orbital sanders we’ve ever come across.

The Makita BO5041K 5-inch orbital sander is powered by a 3 amp motor with variable speed control that allows you to get between 4000-12000 opm so you can get a nice smooth finish when you need one and maximum removal when you have to have it.

You will love the ergonomic rubberized palm grip that will make you feel like you are gripping the wheel of a Cadillac it runs so smooth.

Its large two-finger trigger design allows you to maintain more control over the sander so that you can easily sand corners and confined areas while gripping the adjustable front grip.

You will be able to change sanding discs very quickly and easily using this sander that accepts 5-inch, 8-hole hook and loop abrasive sanding disks that work together with a superior through the pad dust collection system that helps keep your workspace clean and free of dust.

Makita will even give you 30 days to play around with the BO5041K and if you’re not satisfied they will either replace your orbital sander or they will refund every penny of your money. You are also covered under a 1-year warranty to protect you against any defects.

The Makita BO5041K 5-inch orbit sander is perfect for general contractors or just for those who have a cabinet, furniture, or deck project to check off their list and with a money back guarantee you really can’t go wrong.

Metabo SXE 450 TurboTec 350 Watt Electronic Disc Sander

If you simply must have the very best then Metabo is the way to go because you get the perfect balance of power, durability, and performance from a leading brand.

The orbital sander reviews for the SXE450 all sing its praises because of all of the durable, high-quality features that help you get your jobs done much easier than you ever thought possible.

If you want to be able to remove the maximum amount of stock in a minimal amount of time, then you will be glad to hear that Metabo features the world’s first dual orbit, random orbit sander that allows you to adjust the settings for very high stock removal.

The dust collection system works together with punched sandpaper to eliminate dust as you are sanding so you never have to worry about slowing your projects down to clean up.

With orbit speeds between 8400-22000 opm you are sure to kick up a lot of dust with the 6-inch, 6-hole hook and loop discs, so having the onboard dust collection system is a huge benefit.

If you have been asking what is the best orbital sander then Matabo is the answer and once you own one you’ll see why.

Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander

The Festool 571810 Rotex Sander was built for speed, power, and precision that can handle all of your sanding and polishing needs with ease.

Need to be able to take off a lot of stock very quickly?

The gear-driven Aggressive Mode will allow you to remove stock fast or polish your vehicle to give it an extra bright shine. For those times when you want to do some fine sanding, the dual-mode control can be easily switched over to random orbital mode.

You will be able to change pads very quickly to accomplish a variety of tasks, so you can go from rough sanding—to fine sanding—to polishing by making a quick tool-free change in a matter of seconds.

The Rotex features multiple ergonomic hand grip positions to allow you to comfortably be able to get into even the tightest of spots much easier than larger sanders.

You will get the benefit of having a dust extraction system that will suck out all of the dust through the pad holes and allow you to get much better results than you would in a dusty area where it is hard to breathe.

There are a lot of uses for the Festool 571810 RO 150 and the lifespan of this sander is very good so you are sure to get plenty of use from it for a long time to come.

You are covered for the first 3 years by a limited warranty so you can rest assured that if you have any problems due to defects or workmanship, you will receive excellent customer service and get the repairs needed to put your sander back in action.

Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander

In most 5 inch random orbital sander reviews, you will find the Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander because of the high quality features and benefits it provides.

Let’s first take a look at the versatile design that allows you to easily do a variety of sanding and polishing jobs. It is powered by a 2.5 amp motor that allows the pad to spin at a rate between 7500-12000 opm while the variable speed dial allows you to easily adjust the speed to match with any project you are working on.

The dust collection system features a microfilter system that filters out even the smallest of dust particles so you will be able to breathe easier and you won’t have a huge mess to clean up when you complete your project. The dust canister features a twist-off design that has visual dust level inspection and empties without making a mess.

The Bosch Random Orbit Sander is perfect for carpenters and cabinet makers who want to quickly and easily finish their projects using one of the highest quality sanders on the market. You are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer warranty that makes this sander an unbeatable deal.

Final Verdict

You can now see what it takes to be considered as the best orbital sander and we hope that you have found the best sander for all of your jobs through our orbital sander reviews.

Our pick for the best random orbital sander has to be the Bosch 1250DEVS because it has enough speed and power to tackle any job but is especially good for the larger jobs on your list.

Any of the sanders from the random orbital sander reviews you just read will work perfect for you depending on the type of project you are tackling, so really think about what you will be using the sander for and then choose the one that best fits those needs.

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