Top 10 Best Drill Press on The Market

Do you need to drill some holes and want to make sure you get the best drill press for the job?

Drilling holes that are clean, the right size, and the same depth is very important whether you are a weekend warrior and woodworking is your hobby or you are a professional who has clients depending on you to provide the best work.

Using a drill press to drill the holes you need is much easier than using a handheld drill and the results you get are far beyond what you would ever get from a cordless drill.

Recently, I had a chance to take a look at several different drill presses and I have created drill press reviews of 10 of the best you will find. So, whether you are looking for the best woodworking drill press or you want to know what is the best drill press for the money you are about to find out…

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best drill presses money can buy.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

The Skil 3320 is just about the best benchtop drill press out there for woodworking enthusiasts who are looking to add a new toy to the workshop.

You’ll be able to drill crisp, clean holes through wood, metal, and other materials thanks to the superior 5-speed system with a ½-inch keyed chuck that accepts larger drill bits to help you tackle those big projects on your list.

The X2 laser system is a 2-beam laser that takes away all of the guesswork.

You will be able to make sure you have everything lined up right so that when you go to drill your holes they are in the precise location you need them.

Do you need to do some drilling at an angle?

Angled drilling is no problem for the Skil 3320 drill press. With a tilting work surface that will lock anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees you will be able to drill all the angled holes you need.

Are you going to be drilling some repetitive holes to make things like candle holders?

You will love the adjustable depth stop feature that is perfect for repetitive drilling no matter what project you happen to be working on.

The only complaint I really have about the Skil 3320 is the table can be a little bit hard to work with when you are using longer drill bits but in the rare instance you might have this problem you can always swing the table out of the way and make a temporary one so it’s not really that big of an issue.

You get everything you need for all of the woodworking projects you have going on in your workshop all backed by a 3-year limited warranty and Skil 30-day money back guarantee.

WEN 4210 Drill Press with Crosshair Laser

The Wen 4210 is the best table top drill press and will quickly become one of your favorite woodworking tools thanks to the powerful features that are packed into it.

For starters, the 3.2 Amp 5-speed motor provides you with enough torque and power to easily tackle any project. With adjustable speeds between 600-3100 RPM you will not only be able to drill through wood but metal, plastic, and other materials will be a breeze too.

The cast iron work space can easily be adjusted with the crank of a handle and tilts from left to right at a 45 degree angle to make angled drilling a walk in the park all while providing the sturdiness and durability you are looking for.

The X-angle laser helps you to cut down on wasted material by ensuring that you are drilling holes exactly where you need them to be, and the locking linear depth stop allows you to take on any repetitive drilling task and conquer it with ease.

Do you have bad eyes that make it hard to see what you are working on?

You will have plenty of lighting thanks to the onboard work light that will brighten your workspace allowing you to easily see where you are drilling.

Plus, the ½-inch keyed chuck that comes with the Wen 4210 drill press will allow you to use bits up to ½-inch in diameter, and you will never have to worry about losing it thanks to the built-in storage tray that keeps it safe when you’re not using it.

The compact size makes it perfect for any small workspace and with a 1-year limited warranty you simply can’t go wrong with the Wen 4210 and you can easily see why it is one of the best drill presses on the market.

Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press

There’s no denying the quality of Craftsman and the 10-inch bench drill press provides all of the quality that you have come to expect from a leading tool manufacturer.

With the 5-speed motor that operates at speeds between 620-3200 RPM you will be able to drill through all of the wood and other materials you are working with like a shark swimming through water.

The 6 AMP motor gives you all of the power and durability you need while the adjusting rack and pinion table allows you to easily set the height for superior accuracy.

Want to use larger drill bits and sanding drums?

The ½-inch keyed chuck accepts drill bits and sanding drums with a ½-inch shank allowing you to drill holes up to 2 ½-inches deep with ease.

You get a laser guide that ensures you are drilling holes exactly where you want them, and the scaled steel fence helps you to align your wood pieces and keep them braced while you are drilling.

Need more light for your workspace?

You will be happy to find the snake light protruding out of the side of the Craftsman bench drill press that will illuminate your wood and make it easy to double check yourself for accuracy. The last thing you want is to be drilling holes in the wrong places on the show-side of your project.

The depth stop on this bench drill press is great for any repetitive drilling project you have going on and the high quality construction ensures that you get repeated use out of it for a very long time.

Sure…this is not a super high quality drill press that you will find on the table top of a high end machine shop, but if you are a hobbyist or casual user, then you will find everything you are looking for and more in the best benchtop drill press Craftsman has to offer.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

If you are a woodworking professional then you are going to love the Delta 18-900L because it has everything you would expect the best floor drill press to have and more…

Let’s start with the ¾ horsepower motor that is powerful enough to take on any woodworking project you put in front of it, and with 16 speeds you will be able to drill holes through almost any type of material you are working with.

You will really love the oversized worker’s table the Delta floor drill press boasts. Not only is it large enough to hold bigger pieces of wood steady while providing a sturdy work surface but it makes angled drilling an easy task by tilting left and right at a 90-degree angle and to the front at a 48-degree angle.

The oversized table also features T-slots for clamping and you will be able to remove the centerpiece for those pieces where you want to drill down all the way through the table.

How does that sound so far?

We’re just getting started…

Let’s take a look at the auto-tensioning belt drive system that makes switching from low to high speeds fast and easy so that there’s no delay in getting your work done. In fact, you can easily switch from 150 RPM to 3000 RPM in around a minute flat…talk about fast!

It has a 6-inch stroke so if you need to be able to drill deep holes, the Delta 18-900L has you covered.

You will be able to set up repetitive drilling in seconds thanks to the micro-adjustable depth stops and the independent depth scale which you can very quickly zero out and start your project or move to the next phase seamlessly.

The non-tip cast iron base provides you with all the stability you need to ensure your drill press stays protected in case it is accidentally bumped, and the bright LED light provides you with maximum visibility.

It’s easy to see how the Delta 18-900L made it onto our list of floor drill press reviews and with the assurance of a 5-year warranty owning one is a no-brainer.

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

The Wen 4214 is an excellent mid-sized benchtop drill press that is loaded with features that you would usually only find in higher-grade professional use drill presses.

Its 5 Amp, 2/3 horsepower motor gives this drill press plenty of torque and drilling power while the variable speed allows you to make adjustments anywhere between 580-3200 RPM displaying the exact speed on an easy to read LED screen. Changing speeds is as easy as turning the adjustable lever so there’s no messing around with pulleys and belts.

You have plenty of work space with the square 9 ½-inch cast iron work table and if you need more you can use the table roller extension to get up to 17-inches of additional support for the wood you are drilling.

The table also tilts at a 45-degree angle from left to right making angled drilling very doable and with the built-in laser light, you will always hit the spot you are aiming for allowing you to drill precise holes the first time.

You can easily use drill bits up to 5/8-inch in diameter thanks to the MT2 spindle taper, and with a 3 1/8-inch stroke you will be able to drill deeper than most other benchtop drill presses allow you to.

Wen is giving you a truckload of features that you would normally pay a small fortune for from other manufactures, and they stand behind their quality as one of the best table top drill press with a 2-year warranty.

Shop Fox W1668 Bench-Top Drill Press

If you are looking for the best drill press for the money but you still want to get as much professional quality as possible, then you will find the perfect combination in the Shop Fox W1668.

This thing has a powerful ¾ horsepower motor that allows for spindle speeds between 250-3050 RPM so you will have no trouble with any woodworking project or any other type of material you might need to drill through.

The 5/8-inch chuck allows you to use drill bits up to 5/8-inch in diameter, and with a tilting 90-degree angle table you will be able to drill holes wherever you need them whenever you need them.

One of the coolest things about the Shop Fox benchtop drill press is that it doubles as an oscillating sander so it’s like you’re getting 2 tools in 1!

How awesome is that?

There is even a dust collection port attached to the side so you can let the cleanup take care of itself, and you can do it all in a matter of seconds by making a few quick tool-free adjustments.

You even get a 3-piece spindle sander drum kit that comes with everything you need and that includes the sandpaper to fit the 1-inch, 1 ½-inch, and 2-inch drums.

The Shop Fox W1668 benchtop drill press is a lot of tool for the money!

Jet JDP-17 3/4 hp Drill Press

The Jet JDP-17 has some of the best floor drill press reviews out of all the drill presses I have looked at. It’s no wonder people love this thing. There are some very nice features packed into it.

For starter, the ¾ horsepower motor makes any project easy, and the v-drive belt system features one-handed belt tensioning which makes rapid speed changes easier than ever.

Need to drill some deep holes? You can lower the spindle a full 5-inches with one simple turn of the handle, and the built-to-last onboard LED light makes it easy to see everything you are doing.

Is safety a big concern for you?

You’ll feel safe and secure knowing the power switch has a safety key and a big, paddle-style off switch that can easily be flipped whenever you need to shut the drill press off.

The spacious 14” X 19” table is large enough to accommodate any project you put on it, and the built-in depth stop allows you to do as much repetitive drilling as your heart desires.

The Jet JDP-17 was built for performance and with all of the great features that are built-into it you can see that it will easily stand up against even the toughest projects.

You can also rest-assured knowing that Jet stands behind the JDP-17 with a 5-year warranty that will cover you in case something happens to go wrong.

If you are looking for the best floor drill press for the money then you can’t go wrong with the Jet JDP-17-inch 3/4-horsepower drill press.

Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

If you are someone who likes to get the most for the money then you are going to love what the Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press has to offer.

Let me guess…you’re someone who doesn’t like all of the belt changes you have to make to change speeds, right? Nobody does…and you will never have to worry about making any - thanks to the mechanical variable speed adjustment that gives you a full range of speed that displays on a digital RPM readout allowing you to perfectly optimize the speed.

The table will turn at a 90-degree angle to the left or right so you will be able to drill deep holes in vertical posts or any other tall piece of wood and the quill lowers 6-inches with just a single turn of the handle.

The stand is strong and sturdy so you will never have to worry about the drill press tipping over and being damaged if an accident happens.

You get all of the design, innovation, and durability you are looking for in the Powermatic PM2800B floor drill press all backed by a 5-year warranty.

JET 354170

If power is what you are looking for then the 1.5 horsepower on the Jet JDP-20MF should get your motor running.

This drill press is a 12-speed beast that allows you to go from 150 RPM all the way up to 4200 RPM seamlessly with a simple one-handed operation that allows you to change bits to adjust the speed.

It also includes a ¾-inch drill chuck and key that allows you to use any drill bits up to 3/4 –inches in diameter and you will be able to see exactly what you are doing thanks to the built-in bright LED light.

The large 18 ½-inch X 16-inch table size makes even the largest of projects easy to handle by giving you plenty of space to secure the wood you are drilling.

This floor drill press can be powered by either a 115 or 230-volt plug so no matter what you want to plug into…you’re covered.

This is the best woodworking drill press for the money because its power-packed features are suitable for both the home and professional woodworker.

You get the quality that only Jet provides and you get the peace of mind knowing that you are covered by a 2-year mechanical and 1-year electrical warranty that will cover you under any circumstances.

POWERTEC DP801 Baby Drill Press

Do you have some small woodworking projects or craft projects to do?

The Powertec DP801 is the perfect size for tackling those smaller sized projects where more delicate, intricate pieces are involved but it still has some powerful features that make it the best benchtop drill press on the market for small jobs.

The 2/5 horsepower 5-speed motor adjusts to 620, 1100, 1720, 2340, and 3100 RPM and it has built-in safety features that prevent the power switch from accidentally turning on.

Don’t let the size of the Baby Drill Press fool you…

The cast iron, square 6 ¼-inch table will swivel 360 degrees to give you all of the accuracy…precision…and space you need.

The chuck will fit drill bits up to ½-inch diameter and it has an 8-inch swing with a spindle that travels 2-inches and enough power to drive the bit down into the wood, the DP801 is the perfect option for a cheap drill press.

The Powertec DP801 Baby Drill Press might be small in size but it packs a powerful punch and has a 1-year limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee to back it up.

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for a baby, benchtop, or floor drill press you will easily find the best drill press in one of the top 10 we just covered.

Not only will you get the best drill press for the money but you now know which drill presses offer the highest quality for the money and which ones have all of the features you need to tackle whatever projects you have in mind.

No matter if you are someone who does woodworking as a hobby or you are a professional woodworker, there are table top drill presses and floor drill presses that offer something for everyone.

If you are looking for the best benchtop drill press I would go with the Shop Fox W1668 because you are not only getting a high quality drill press but you are getting the power of an oscillating sander as well.

My recommendation for the best floor drill press is the Powermatic PM2800B because the variable speed and no belt change along with having a digital RPM readout allows you to adjust speeds quickly and easily so you can stay focused on doing the best job you can with your woodworking project.

I hope these drill press reviews have really helped you to find the best drill press for woodworking so that you can have all of the quality you need for the price you want to pay.

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Thanks for this 10 best drill press feature post. My favorite one is WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press. I loved its power, versatility, capabilities. This is a power pack machine. Through anything at it and it will never let you down.

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Hi please recommend a drill press for me please. I need it to be able to put holes in spoons forks etc for me. Kind regards Christopher from ??


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