5 Woodworking Projects that Sell Fast

If you love woodworking and want to turn your passion into a business, or just want quick and easy plans for woodworking projects, read on… This article will show you the 5 woodworking projects that sell fast.

There are so many projects to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’ve been an amateur so far and are looking into monetizing your work as a side business, there are 5 top money making projects to get you started.

1. Coffee Tables

wood-coffee-table-setFirst is coffee tables. Almost everyone uses them, they aren’t particularly difficult to make, and with a little bit of ingenuity, creativity, and a personal touch, you can make them beautiful and absolutely one of a kind. The plans you get from Ted’s Woodworking make it easy, no matter your skill level.

Simply follow the clear diagrams (unlike those you’d find from most woodworking magazines and other sites which force you to do a lot of guesswork) and whether you’re an absolute beginner, you haven’t been around wood since shop class in high school, or you’ve been making things out of wood for years and just want to scale up your project size, these plans make it simple and fun.

2. Jewelry Box

Japanese_Yosegi_Jewelry_BoxIf you want to make something smaller, perhaps as a potential gift, a jewelry box is always a good choice. Infinitely customizable, this is a great choice for a beginner’s project, or something to do with the kids to get your business off the ground. In a similar vein, a toy box makes a beautiful gift for expecting parents or a child’s birthday.

Gifts made by hand are always so much more meaningful than those bought from a store, and your friends and family will appreciate that you took the time to make them something by hand. Particularly if you’re artistic, or if you know someone who is, you can paint the boxes with the intended recipient’s name, things they like (particularly for a child), or just a pattern that suits their style. Of course, you can always make these thing to sell as well.

Offering the plain box that then customers can paint themselves is a popular option, or doing it yourself for an additional price is also a choice. Because jewelry and toy boxes are fairly small, universal, and useful, there is a large market for these items and your options are nearly unlimited with how you can add on to the original box.

3. Rocking Horse

565px-Class_room_with_rocking_horse_in_the_Beamish_Museum_01Speaking of children, a rocking horse is an incredible gift any child would be lucky to receive. Classic and beautiful, many parents want their children to have a rocking horse, as a memory of their own childhood or simply as a sturdy classic toy that will last them years and years. Follow the simple plans and in no time you’ll have a beautiful product for a gift, for your own children, or to sell. Again, you can customize – paint on a saddle and a cute horse face, or just leave it sealed but plain to show off the beautiful grain of the wood. Because it’s unusual to see a real wooden rocking horse these days, you can easily make a lot of money quickly and easily.

4. TV Stand

wooden tv standA surprising but always-useful project is a TV stand. Pretty much everyone owns a TV, but many people don’t want to mount theirs because it limits furniture rearrangement and if you rent your home, drilling holes in the wall is not an option.

A TV stand provides a flexible solution, and while they can be very expensive to buy from the store, making it yourself cuts down on cost. Customers will pay for a handmade product they know they can trust over something cheap imported from overseas, and with the plans from Ted’s Woodworking, you can hardly go wrong.

Depending on the materials used and the size of the stand, you could make some serious bang for your buck to really supplement your income.

5. Birdhouse

Birdhouse_030And finally, the perennial birdhouse is a tried and true project. Go to any craft fair and you’ll see hundreds of these being sold; clearly, the demand is there! Once you get comfortable with the mechanics of building a birdhouse, you can branch out creatively and easily net $40 for a single birdhouse.

And that’s it! There are thousands of projects to choose from, and any one of them could be a great addition to your woodworking business. The more creative you are, the better, but when you’re just getting started, the basics will serve you well and can help supplement your income, to better the lives of you and your family.